Leni Sharma, Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach brings you ... 

 The Energy Protection Toolkit

Ditch the Energy Vampires and learn how to protect your energy.
Step into your divine power and know exactly how to banish energy-sucking people around you.
Learn how to maintain a healthy energy system, so others cannot steal your strength, joy, and peace of mind.

❤ Imagine this

  • Going to big gatherings without feeling drained and tired

  • Finding the strength to quit this worn-out friendship

  • Enjoying social events because you know how to radiate peaceful elegance and strength.

  • Being able to tackle the challenges with confidence and with the deep trust that you are able to handle what life serves you.

  • Feeling safe in the world because you know how to protect your energies.

Durga Power

In this Self-paced Online Course you will learn:

How your Energy System works and how to avoid energy loss
Ancient Yogic Techniques to center your energy and stay focused
A secret Shamanic practice that protects you from energy theft & negativity
Guided Meditation for those moments when you need immediate help.
A daily practice to enforce the protection and boost your power

Ditch Energy Vampires once and for all

In this Self-paced Online Course,
you learn to protect your energy and boost your power

Module 1

Stop energy drainage 

Understand how your Energy System works and experience a shamanic fire ceremony to transform your wounds into wisdom.

Module 2

Receive a Luminous Armour

Learn how to avoid energy loss and discover a shamanic technique to install protection around your energy field.

Module 3

Shine your Beauty

Learn how to maintain a healthy energy system by cleansing your field with yogic techniques and anchoring your soul in the body. Join a sacred ritual to turn your fear into strength and step into your full power.

Everything you receive

  • 3 Video Lessons to understand the energy system and learn how to protect yourself
  • Yogic Breathing Technique to Stay Centered
  • Yogic Energy Cleansing Technique to remove unwanted energies
  • Shamanic Practices to Build a Luminous Armor which will shield you from negativity


  • Guided Daily Practice to enforce your protection and boost your power
  • Guided Meditation to center yourself quickly
  • Guidebook - How to detect and banish Energy Vampires once and for all

Special Extra:

  • Bonus 1: Chakra Masterclass: Discover the true power of your Chakras and learn to cleanse them by yourself (Value €180)
  • Bonus 2: Cycle Wisdom - Understand your body and use your natural cycle for your growth (Value €50)

Your Investment

One time payment
- lifelong access*


*Access all the material for as long as the programme exists

Client's Love

You see things from a completely different perspective and can therefore go on in life much more positively. Leni was and is a great teacher for me, I will always be very grateful to her.

- Bianca

Leni is open-hearted, natural, and down-to-earth. She always radiates an infectious cheerfulness.
I appreciate Leni as a healer, companion, teacher, and woman who touches me deeply.

- Doris

Leni is destined to act as a mediator and wise woman to support the earth and its inhabitants.
Her authentic and very appreciative way inspires me.

- Loretta

About Leni

Leni Sharma is a certified shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher and healing therapist who combines ancient knowledge with modern techniques, to help you grow and bloom in every aspect of your life.

With personal roots in alpine shamanism, and many years living and learning in India, Leni has a deep connection to mother earth, is passionate about harnessing the powers of holistic health and spirituality to empower her clients.

Using the ancient teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Shamanism, she creates a sacred space for profound transformation, allowing you to have deeper understanding of who you are, and how to unlock your true self.




Video-Course SHAMANISM

Video-Course + 2 guided Shamanic Journeys