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Leni Sharma - Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach

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We will talk about your current situation and what you can do to solve past traumas. You will get holistic insights, practical tips, and clarity on what to do next.

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Why work with Leni?

Leni Sharma is a certified Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher with 15+ years experience.
She dedicated her life to guide people back to holistic health and on their true path.

Heal your past and reclaim your birthgiven power. Get back in control of their own life and make a real difference.

Every session with Leni is full of surprises. Leni always responds to my needs, wishes, or fears and gives me valuable tips or exercises. I am grateful to know that she is always there for me.


Leni is destined to act as a mediator and wise woman to support the earth and its inhabitants.
Her authentic and very appreciative way inspires me.


Leni is open-hearted, natural, and down-to-earth. She always radiates an infectious cheerfulness.
I appreciate Leni as a healer, companion, teacher, and woman who touches me deeply.


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