Mantra of the month: Take the time to do what makes your soul happy.

Do what makes you happy. I chose this mantra, especially for myself. Too often, I forget to look after myself because I want to make my family happy. I have that in my genes somehow. It also makes me happy when I do something good for others. But it also happens that, in retrospect, it frustrates me if I don’t get the recognition I want—typical lion.

Selfless service (Seva)

I practice Seva, selfless service. I consciously do things that I don’t get anything back for. And that without expecting praise or a favour. It doesn’t mean that I’m frustrated because nobody thanks me. I do it on my own will and unselfishly. But mostly these are things that I’m not particularly eager to do. So the work is a bit dry, and I don’t get into a flow. It’s a nice feeling to do something good for others without any ulterior motives. But this feeling can be topped if I do something I love.

Do what makes you happy.

I, therefore, make time every day to pursue my favourite activities. This is, for example, reading, painting, photography or design work on the computer. I then become completely absorbed in my work and time flies by. In psychology, this phenomenon is called “flow”. Everything is easy, and you don’t even notice how time goes by. Sounds nice right? The best thing would be to do such work all day.

The supreme discipline: change jobs

For many, this is impossible. They spend most of the day on their job, which they don’t like. Changing jobs seems impossible. The fear of financial hardship and failure is too great. The responsibility for yourself and your family does not allow you to change jobs. But is it really like that? I am a big advocate of change – especially when I am unhappy with my current life. So dare! Make a plan and take the first step. ? It worked for me too.

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