What is Shamanism? – Switching to a shamanic way of living to bring more harmony into your life.

Shamanism is the ancient or oldest healing technique of humankind. It was always practised all over the world. It was not invented by a single person. It came up as a natural consequence of the connection to nature. We humans didn’t always live as we do now. We lived in small communities and were very much connected to nature. We had to be because we were dependent on nature. We have central heating, and we grow our food all year round. It wasn’t always like this. Humans were very much dependent on nature, and we were very, very much connected to nature. So out of this strong connection, shamanism came up.

Everything is vibration

Shamanism is a way of healing and also a way of discovering your true essence. A Shaman is a man or woman who can communicate with spirits and energy. Our world is pure energy. We have a physical level, but there is much more to it. We have an energy body around our physical body, and anything in the world has an energy field. Anything is energy and vibration. The old Shamans knew this for millennia, and now modern science is also catching up to this. You can read more about this in quantum physics, all about vibration and energy. It is a very vast and complicated field but go into that if you’re interested in the scientific side.

Different levels of our existence

The shamans knew how to communicate with this world and get information and cure people like this. Because we only see the physical body. But we have more layers than that. We have a physical body, then our mind. Then we have all these energies, and then we have the great spirit. So when I am sick in my physical body, I only deal with my bodily symptoms. I don’t change the bigger picture. I don’t change the root of these problems. I have to go deep into the energy field and see what imprint is there. And when I change this imprint, it will also inform the mind and the body. So when I have a physical problem, it’s not just a physical problem; it’s a severe problem rooted in my energy field. And this is what shamans do. They go and check the energy field. They scan the energy field and see what all imprints are there. And then they work with that. So things don’t manifest on a physical level.

Discover your essence

It’s not just about preventing physical disease. It’s about spiritual growth. It’s about when you change the energy system or find imprints, and you solve that; you don’t have to carry them on into your next life. So you don’t have to go for the same relationship again, through the same crap marriage or the same hated job, because you solve this imprint already in your past life, and then you can move on. You can go to the next level and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

And why is Shamanism so important today?

This is easily explained. Mostly, we think we have this physical body, and we’re struggling and maintaining health and happy life because we believe this is it. But this is not it, and shamanism gives us the tools to see the bigger picture, to dive deep into ourselves, into our essence, to get to know who we truly are and also to find our soul’s plan. To find out what are we here for? What is the purpose of my life? What is the gift I can give to the world? All this we can find out with the help of Shamanism.

Want to know more?

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