Yoga and Shamanism – How do the go together?

As the name of my website already suggests, I combine yoga and shamanism. But why? And does it even make sense to combine these two traditions? YES! For me, it makes a lot of sense. At first sight, the two don’t have much to do with each other. But if you take a closer look, you will find many similarities and connections.

The roots of Yoga and Shamanism

Archaeological findings have proven that shamanism was practised as early as 30,000 years ago. The first scientific evidence for the practice of Yoga was found in the Vedas (10,000 years old). However, many scholars assume that this tradition is much older than can be proven today. However, both traditions most certainly existed before the first religions appeared. Shamanism, as well as Yoga, served our ancestors as a method to reconnect to the primordial soul and as a technique to experience the flow of existence. Shamanic traditions developed independently of each other all over the world. Yoga originated in India and was then spread all over the world.

The same world view

Yoga and shamanism share the same view on our existence. Both traditions speak of the all-pervading energy (prana). The sun (Surya), as the giver of life, and the moon (Chandra), as the female power, play an important role. In shamanism, the four cardinal points, or also called winds, play a central role. The cardinal points also play an essential role in Vastu Shastra (teaching of the right architecture, which has been transmitted through the Vedas, just like yoga). The elements are also important in both traditions. Yoga and shamanism teach us that there is no duality. Everything is connected and made of the same energy. Both show us the way to merging with the primal soul.

A changed state of consciousness in Yoga and Shamanism

Shamanimus uses different methods like drumming, dancing or plants to dive into a deeper state of consciousness. The brain waves are slowed down from beta waves of the waking state to theta waves. This allows to increase awareness and to undertake shamanic journeys. The same applies to yogic practices such as meditation. Here the mind is slowed down or stopped to experience the true self in silence.

The role of fire in Yoga and Shamanism

Shamanic ceremonies are always held around a ritual fire. The fire helps to transform energies and serves as a mediator between the material and the subtle world. The fire also plays a special role in Yoga. There are fire ceremonies, called Havan, to mediate between earth and heaven. The body’s own fire (Agni) is kindled through physical exercises and the right food. If the Agni is too weak, we become ill.

Supernatural help

Both traditions ask supernatural forces for help. Thus in shamanism, the power animal or a spiritual teacher is asked for advice. In yoga, one seeks help from a guru (someone who brings light into the darkness) or a deity. Hinduism is NOT a polytheism. Hindus believe in one great energy, or better a soul (Atma). The different aspects of this soul are only represented by different deities, or with different faces.


Find your teacher

In our modern times, it is common to google something quickly. Many people try to learn an ancient way of life from a book or the internet. However, this is not how it should be done. Many aspects are lost, and the whole teaching is distorted and falsified. Yoga, as well as shamanism, has ALWAYS been passed on directly from teacher to student. Thus only pure knowledge was passed on. And not only that: The correct application of knowledge was taught! We see sense and importance of this principle. Therefore, our yoga teacher training and shamanism courses follow exactly this scheme.

Yoga and shamanism in everyday life

Both traditions not only play a big role in my life; they are my life. Yoga and shamanism is not something you do. You LIVE it. My view of the world is shaped by these two ancient traditions and is constantly evolving through practice. I use the methods of shamanism to clear up my problems. With the help of shamanic journeys, I can go through life and free myself from my past bit by bit. Yoga makes me blossom and grows until one day I can touch infinity. Yoga and shamanism show the importance of the moment. This moment is all we have. We can think about the past and plan the future. But only one thing truly exists This moment. And this moment is inevitable. We cannot change it, so we should accept it for what it is.

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