Smudging – Like this you can cleanse your house energetically

Smudging is not only for the twelve nights of Christmas. Actually, smudging your home should be done regularly, just like vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner removes the material dirt and smudging the energetic dirt. Smudging banishes unwanted energies from the house. I deliberately do not say ‘negative energies’. There are no negative energies. Dust is a matter in the wrong place. Same it is with some energies, we don’t want them inside your own four walls. But that does not mean that these energies are bad or evil. Nobody gets upset about soil in the garden, but I do not want it on the bathroom floor. So to get rid of these ‘energies in the wrong place’, we should regularly perform a smudging ritual.

Local Smudging incense (Europe):

  • Hyssop – Blessing, Vitality

  • White sage: extreme cleaning power

  • Juniper – Protection

  • Thyme – Purification

  • Yarrow – cleaning, against fears

  • Sage – strong cleaning power

  • Rosemary: cleansing, creativity, letting go

  • Peppermint – concentration, increases the vibration in the room.

  • Myrtle – clarity, purity, peace.

  • Myrrh – cleansing, clarifying, disinfecting, calm

  • Mistletoe – Protection, cleaning

  • Lavender – cleansing, disinfecting, relaxing, calming

  • Kampfer – deletes old information in the house.

  • Verbascum – tension-relieving, balancing

  • St. John’s wort – mood-lifting, blessing

  • Spruce resin – against germs, quarrels, jealousy, envy

  • Mullein- success, clarity, creativity

  • Beech bark – connection to higher levels

  • Mugwort – against fears and misfortune, new beginnings, disinfection

  • Angelica root – against fears

Exotic incense:

  • Frankincense from Arabia and Africa – blessing, increases the vibrations in the room.
  • Frankincense from India – cleansing, healing powers, increases the vibrations in the room.
  • Sandalwood from India – Calms without making you sleepy, relieves tension.
  • Palo Santo from South and Central America: cleansing, mood-lifting, calming, creativity – not recommended anymore, because of the high export numbers


DIY Smudging Ritual for your Home

You can easily smudge your home yourself. All you need is a heat-resistant container, sand, charcoal, and incense. Incense burners are not very suitable for smoking, because you go from room to room and a burner is not very portable.
As incense, I prefer local herbs, berries, and resins. You can easily collect and dry all these yourself in summer and autumn.

For a normal smudging, I recommend lavender or mistletoe. If it has to be something stronger, white sage is the first choice. When you move into a new house, spruce resin, camphor, and mugwort are best. If you do not want to smudge for purification, but for your spiritual practice, frankincense, peppermint, and beech bark are suitable.

Your own smudging ritual

What you need:

  1. Pot / Portable Incense burner (heat resistant)
  2. Sand
  3. Charcoal
  4. Incense
  5. Matches
  6. Mantra

(Alternatively, you can also smudge with bundles of herbs called smudge sticks. Then you don’t need a pot, charcoal, and sand).



In the beginning, you choose a suitable mantra for your smudging ritual. At the end of this article, you will find a small selection. The most important thing is not the smoke, but the intention. Just smudging without the clear intention that unwanted energies should move away does not help at all. The Mantra helps us to express this intention clearly. So choose a mantra that fits your intention.

Light your incense. If you work with a bundle of herbs, prepare something in advance where you can stop the burning process. A fireproof bowl with sand is also suitable for this.

Now you go from room to room, repeat your mantra aloud or in your mind and smudge all the corners. Take your time and feel where it needs a little more smoke. Never blow into the herb to spread the smoke! This will mix your own, much stronger energy with the energy of the incense. You would only spread your energy around the house. To spread the smoke, you can use a bundle of feathers or simply your hand.


Work your way through your whole home like this. When you’re done, you can squeeze the herb bundle out or have your herbs smoked out on the coal.
IMPORTANT: After smoking, open all windows and doors for at least 5 minutes to allow the released energy to escape.

Here is a small selection of mantras for your smoking ritual:


I also carry out house smudging with selected smudging materials and interference field measurement (water veins, earth radiation, grids, flints, energetic crossings, and electrosmog). If you would like to book a house smoking service from me, write to me or call me.

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