Mantra of the month: There is nothing more important than this moment.

Live in the here and now. There is nothing more important than this moment. Yeah, it makes sense. Then why is it so hard for us to live by that philosophy? When we’re not stuck in the drama of the past, we dream of the future. But where is the here and now?

“Live in the here and now.”

I must honestly admit that I have a problem with the sentence: Live in the here and now. It’s just a stupid sentence. Where else would I live it but in the here and now? Besides, it’s so vague that I can’t do much with it. It doesn’t give clear instructions. Besides, this sentence is used too often in the spiritual community that it has lost its effect. Even though I’m not too fond of the expression, there is the truth behind it. This sentence challenges us to arrive at the moment. (Again such an expression ?)

Tortured by the past

So what’s the point. I will try to express this in clear and understandable words. To arrive at the moment, we must leave our past where it belongs: in our memory and not in our thinking. Our past experiences have made us what we are today. That is good. That is the purpose of the past. BUT it is not there to determine our future. In my shamanic healing sessions, I often hear that a specific traumatic event in the past has led to everything going wrong now. In this way, my clients make themselves a victim of their circumstances and their traumatic past.

Free yourself from your past

So we can, of course, blame our past for every problem and challenge in our life. Like this, I am no longer guilty, and I already feel a whole lot better. But that does not last for long. If I always feel like a victim of my circumstances, I rob myself of my ability to act. The ability to decide for yourself and act accordingly makes us human. We are not here to be victims. No, we are here to take full advantage of this life. This is only possible if we take responsibility for our actions! The past has brought us here, but it should not cloud our future and our thinking.

Trapped in the future

Once we have freed ourselves from our past, we face the next problem: the future, or rather the fear of the future. Actually, there’s not much to say – it’s quite simple. If you let yourself be maltreated by the future, you waste your energy on something that doesn’t even exist. Our greatest gift is our imagination. But it can also become our greatest enemy if we don’t know how to use it. So I can imagine the worst scenarios or imagine the greatest miracles. The choice is mine.

You are the boss of your thoughts.

We are what we think. What we imagine today will come true tomorrow. So decide today to expect miracles in the future! You can control your thoughts. It takes practice, so it’s best to start now. Decide to think of something beautiful. So there is nothing more important than this moment. Right now, you can decide to let go of the past and to focus your thoughts positively! Live in the here and now!

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