Mantra Chanting – What effect does it actually have?

A mantra is a sound, a syllable or a sentence. By repeating a mantra, you create the energy of the sound. This energy can be transformed into materiality. When you sing ‘peace’ you are spreading the energy of peace and creating the possibility for peace to manifest. Better still, use the Sanskrit word for this: ‘Shanti’. You can read below why Sanskrit mantras are more effective.

Sounds create reality

So a mantra is not just a word that you speak or sing. It contains the possibility of creation. I’m sure you’ve heard of the law of attraction. Mantras are a very powerful way to draw energy into your life. Understand that the whole creation is made of thousands of sounds. If you hit the right tone, you create the form that belongs to that tone.

Mindfulness is the key

If you simply repeat a mantra hundreds of times, all you will achieve is to numb your mind. Only by paying the right attention, the sound will become powerful (not just boring repetitions). Mindfulness is achieved by understanding what power a mantra has and what power is inherent in a sound. Be aware of the power of creation. This will make you pronounce the mantra in a very different way. A sound full of promise.

Why Sanskrit Mantra?

When we repeat an English mantra, it is mainly about the meaning and the sense we ascribe to the word or phrase. Through the words, we imagine an occurrence. Our imagination works at full speed and shows us suitable pictures. The meaning is only in our heads.

But the meaning of Sanskrit mantras is only secondary. We can translate it and thus understand the meaning. But Sanskrit is actually about something else. Sanskrit is a highly mathematical language. The pronunciation is the most important thing, not the writing. So Sanskrit is also taught orally, not through books. Every word has a certain frequency, a very own vibration. Where there are vibrations, there is sound. So every mantra has its own vibration and every vibration has its own energy. The whole universe consists of vibrations. Every form has its own vibration. So when we sing Sanskrit mantra, we create a form. Sanskrit has filtered out the vibrations for forms in the universe. That is why Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages (except Tamil) and almost all European languages.

Mantra of the month

I will introduce you to a new mantra every month. The first one is ‘AUM‘. Probably the most famous one ever. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, the whole world lies in this sound.

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