Your Baby and the moon – how you can support your baby during full moon

I’m a brand-new mama. My daughter is only 5 months old. Everything is still so new to me and my baby. All in all, I have to say we have hit a jackpot. In my student days, I have been babysitting a lot and also got to know many babies in the family. But ours is the best 🙂 (I’m sure all parents say that and that’s a good thing too!)
Of course, you always like your baby the best, but what I mean is that our daughter is a very relaxed and happy baby.

In the first weeks, everybody warned me that this calmness will not last, but it has … with a few exceptions. And that’s what I want to talk about. Now it has happened the third time that Sia Veda has been very crazy for four or five days and slept very restlessly at night. By crazy, I mean crazy… hahaha… she just lies there and screams laughing, gurgling, is silent for two minutes and starts laughing again without any visible reason. The first time it was really scary. My sweet baby turns into a hysterical, hilarious and overexcited human being. By now, I already got used to her little performances.

The wild days of my daughter – My baby is sensitive to the moon

The last few days it happened again. After weeks of chilling and relaxing with her, she turned wild and crazy for a few days. And then I got curious and wanted to follow up on it. So I dug my Bullet Journal from last year out of the paper trash again. I’m quite a list fan and so I recorded the last “wild days” of Sia Veda and found out: It was all three times the days right before a full moon and the full moon night itself.

So my little mouse feels the full moon very strongly. With such a small baby it can hardly be a self-fulfilling prophecy… That’s what some skeptics use as an argument against moon sensitivity. After short internet research, it turned out that Sia Veda is not the only moon-sensitive baby. How could she be? I myself feel the full moon a lot, but I have already learned to deal with it and to use the additional energy for creation.

These days she is not only laughing and overexcited, but also sleeps badly and apparently needs me 24 hours very close to her. I understand that very well. I also make myself comfortable when I am not feeling well and I have a strange mood. Therefore I thought about how I could do to help her in these days.

My tips for a moon-sensitive baby

  • Darkness: Only when it’s dark the body can produce melatonin. This sleep hormone makes us fall asleep at night and when the sun rises in the morning and it is no longer sent into the body, we wake up again. So darkness is essential for good sleep.
  • Security: Darkness alone will most likely not help the moon-sensitive baby. What it needs from you now is a lot of cuddling and snuggling. I notice that especially with Sia Veda. She usually sleeps very deeply alone. But when the moon is full, she prefers to sleep on top of me. This is too heavy for me now (7kg), but at night she is allowed to sleep very close to me. Actually we have an extra bed for her attached to ours, but more and more often it remains empty and we sleep in the so-called “family bed”. I didn’t even know until recently that it is called like that. For me it is so natural that my newborn baby sleeps with me and not in a cot or even in another room… Because of the family bed, I have a quiet and pleasant night even when I am breastfeeding.
  • Pranayama for the baby: Babies breathe faster than adults and we cannot explain to them how a yogic breathing technique works. With babies, everything works on the imitation principle (in a Montessori book I once read that babies up to the age of 4 years learn 80% only by imitation). We can also use this trick for breathing exercises. I lay my little one on my belly and start to breathe calmly and slowly. After a while she also gets into the rhythm and becomes calmer.
  • Use the extra energy: The full moon brings momentum and energy to our bodies, so we sleep restlessly. It’s no different with babies. They simply have too much energy in their bodies and don’t know how to deal with it. Therefore it is important to be active during the day. An extra-long walk in the forest has done wonders for Sia Veda. But don’t get me wrong, a big shopping tour or a visit to the family costs the baby a lot of energy, but it is confronted with so many impressions that the baby will not sleep well again, because he has to process everything in his dreams.

When nothing else helps

  • Fresh air. This is always my last hope when she cannot fall asleep. I put her in a baby wrap and take her out into the fresh air. Usually, 5 minutes outside is enough to put Sia Veda to sleep. Then I just have to get her out of the wrap and into bed. I can usually do that without waking her up. By the way, there’s a special technique for tying the wrap, so you can take the baby out easily: Kangaroo carry.
  • Take it easy: When apparently nothing helps, only one thought can comfort you: The full moon will pass again. This state of mind is generally very useful with babies, I have already found that out. Just don’t despair, because everything changes so quickly again and today’s problems are forgotten tomorrow.

Connectedness to nature – moon sensitive baby

I am already very curious how this sensitivity to the moon will develop further with Sia Veda. I secretly think it’s great that my daughter also listens to the signs of nature. When she gets older, I can show her what her mummy does with the extra charge of energy. Daddy will be happy, then there will be two moon women to deal with… 😉

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