Shamanic wedding of Doris & Rainer

On the night of the full moon in September, I was allowed to accompany a wonderful couple and celebrate a shamanic wedding with them. Doris and Rainer already came to me in spring to see if the chemistry between us was right – and it was ?. So the three of us decided to perform this ritual.

Preparations for the shamanic wedding

In September the time had finally come. We met twice before. Once for getting to know each other and to discuss some things about the wedding and then again two weeks before the wedding for shamanic energy work.

The evening of the shamanic wedding

The ceremony took place at dusk in the Stiftsmeierhof, the largest square farm in the Mostviertel (Austria). Before the ceremony, the couple and I went into the adjacent rose garden, where we performed a grounding ritual as well as a smudging ritual. These rituals prepared the couple for the ceremony. They were purified from foreign energies and connected to the earth’s energy. Afterward, we walked together into the inner courtyard, where the numerous guests were already waiting for the bridal couple. The bride looked like an elf with her white cape.

The shamanic wedding ceremony

We entered the circle of stones where the ceremony takes place. I prepared all this in advance.


After my welcome words, I used my drum to call upon the five elements, the cardinal points, Mother Earth and Father Sky. Afterward, the power animals of the bride and groom were also invited. Thereby Doris and Rainer consciously connected with their animal helpers. This is a lifelong connection that nobody can separate. Then we also invited the ancestors of the two to stand by our side during the ceremony and give us their support.

My wedding speech

In my speech, I spoke about the nature of love. We cannot just put on the pink sunglasses and see everything through a romantic veil. We’re supposed to have a realistic perspective on love. So I also talked about my personal five rules of love.


After that the main part of the shamanic wedding took place: the handfasting. Thereby the hands of Doris and Rainer were connected with a thread. The thead, which already contains a lot of energy, closed the connection between the two. The energies of the elements, the cardinal points, of Mother Earth and Father Sky were also woven into the bond. This creates a strong energetic connection.

Vows and kiss

The two exchanged very touching and emotional vows. Then Doris and Rainer exchanged the self-made amulets. The connection was sealed by the kiss. A very important part, which also binds the two physically together.

Fire ritual

Upon request of the couple, I blessed a soul tree and a power stone for them. In order to involve the guests in the ceremony, we also performed a fire ritual. During this ritual, the guests threw the wishes for the bridal couple, which they had written on a piece of paper before, into the ceremonial fire. Thus they were handed over to the universe. Meanwhile I beat the drum and sang a mantra. This part was also very emotional and touched the bridal couple and those present very much. With this the ceremony was completed and the new couple in our midst was welcomed by loud applause.

Shamanic wedding with Leni

It was a very sensitive, touching and emotional wedding. A wonderful experience, also for me. I hope my report will help you to dive into this world of emotions. If you would also like to celebrate a shamanic wedding, I would be happy if we could get to know each other at a free meeting.

All photos in this article were provided by the wedding photographer Alexandra Reichel.

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