Ancient Wisdom

The Shamanic Otherworld

The Otherworld is a parallel world to our reality and is located directly next to our world. The shaman travels to the other world to ask for help for himself or his client. This world has many names, as it is known in all cultures: Other World, Other Land, Valhalla, Heaven, and Hell… The three …

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Smudging – Like this you can cleanse your house energetically

Smudging is not only for the twelve nights of Christmas. Actually, smudging your home should be done regularly, just like vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner removes the material dirt and smudging the energetic dirt. Smudging banishes unwanted energies from the house. I deliberately do not say ‘negative energies’. There are no negative energies. Dust is a …

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What is shamanic drumming?

Shamanic drumming is the playing of a drum to get into a trance state. Shamans and shamanic practitioners can travel in a light trance to the other world and ask for help and healing for themselves and others. There they meet their helping spirits like power animals or spiritual teachers. The trance state and the …

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