What is shamanism?

  Shamanism is the oldest healing method of mankind and has been practised worldwide for at least 40,000 years. At the same time, it is connected with a positive attitude towards life and an all-embracing world view. The term shaman is a word of the Tungusic languages from Siberia and means ‘someone who can see …

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Imbolc – Celtic Festival of Lights on 2nd of February

Names Imbolc / / Bridig / Light Festival / Oilmelc / Candle Festival Importance in the Wheel of the year Beginning of the growing season Symbols straw dolls, straw cross (Brigid’s cross), candle, milk Colours white, light yellow, light green, light pink Stones Amethyst, Turquoise Keywords awakening, renewal, purification, plans Why are we celebrating Imbolc? …

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Celtic Wheel of the Year

Shamanism was and is practised worldwide. Its roots can be found in many traditions and peoples around the globe. I was born in Austria and therefore feel connected to the traditions of Celtic shamanism. With my family, I celebrate the festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the year and also the Hindu holidays (My husband …

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